Image Brain provides photographic memory training program to boost "Right Brain Photographic Memory" in various ways.

Brain is the most complex and powerful human organ, however researcher findings repeatedly stated that most people could not fully utilise the maximum 100 percent of our brain function.

Memorisation of substantial information greatly relates to knowledge and intelligence. Human ability to retain and recall huge volume of information at rapid speed is never a myth.

Right brain is capable of bulk image visualisation especially in fast speed. Developing photographic memory with rapid flash cards is the most effective mnemonics for right brain.

Specialised Brain Image Trainings
Full Range of Customised Settings
Memorisation Increased with Volume and Speed
Identify the picture ordinal position among the choices.
Find the sequence of pictures appeared among the choices.
Recall the colour of the specified ordinal picture.
Various Reports to Keep Track of Your Training Performance
Grow Smart Tree with your Training Achievement.

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