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Right Brain Exploitation Games

An abacus right brain software, focusing on training children to learn mental arithmetic through right brain imaging algorithm, detailed explanation of mathematical concepts, abacus interactive games are included.

Mind Maths encourages children to acquire the knowledge through a series of interactive lessons(English Dubbed & Subbed), and attain fruitful drillings and exercises via games, getting rid of the dullness at the same time. It is widely adopted and welcomed by parents and children as the first step on the road to Abacus.

Abacus is well-known for intelligence cultivation. Since learning Abacus usually involves theories and a great deal of exercises, in order to achieve the ultimate aim of mental arithmetic. While there is a short concentration span in children, most of the parents prefer to guide and learn with their children.

NINE vivid scenes filled with all sorts of learning items, accompanied by interactive scenarios random quizzes, enhance children study interests, attract concentration, and encourage children to apply in daily lives.
  Right brain mental arithmetic tutorials (English Dubbed & Subbed)
  Thrilling abacus training games for drillings
  Enlightening Maths elementary concepts
  Basics to advanced abacus addition & subtraction
  Multi-digit & multiple numbers tips & tricks
  Two hands fingering method explained in detail
  Progressive course & step by step demonstration
  Interactive lessons & scenarios quizzes

SEVEN thrilling games available in three levels of difficulty, reinforce and deepen every knowledge learnt. Entertaining way to exercise and practise on key concepts and skills, strengthen memory and study effectiveness at the same time.
Games are embbed with Virtual Abacus. With Multitouch support for answer input, children are enable to practise and operate on abacus, training photographic image.

Theme GameDescriptionLocationDifficulty

Test the ability of beads to numbers association.

Test ability of fast counting.

Test your memory and number composition.

Test the proficiency of addition and subtraction.

Challenge mixed operation of addition and subtraction.

Deduce answer from a 2 to 6 numbers abacus question.

Test the ability to comprehend maths word problem.

 Let's start the journey!
Abacus arouse photographic memory, a life-time benefit to more than learning and study. For further information and details, please visit the followings:

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